Spring Green WI Vote NO on Beagle Breeding Facility for Medical Testing

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Please do not let your community be part of the cruel system of companies that still insist on testing on animals. 

Is it necessary to test on our furry friends to keep humans safe? Sure, maybe years and years ago when we didn't have face recognizing smartphones and exercise tracking apps, it was our only (sad) option.

Just in The United States, guess how many animals are, "burned, crippled, poisoned, and abused" in labs each year? Over 100 million. AND over 90% of labs aren't even counted in animal testing statistics. 

But we don't have to put animals through this pain anymore. Europe has the largest cosmetic market worldwide and they don't test on animals.  Europe. (Israel and India have also banned animal testing, too!)

I urge your community to not partake in this archaic cruel testing of animals. 

Some may say that animal testing is the way to success, but clearly, we have other options that are working in favor of animals AND the economy. 

Please VOTE NO on the Conditional Use Permit Application by Clinton and Jill Kane for the establishment of a kennel in an agriculture building at S12491 Big Hollow Rd.