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Make Spotify family friendly - Option to block Explicit content

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Spotify is not family friendly! We love spotify but it's a nightmare for parents.  They tend to only have Explicit versions of popular songs and not the radio edits, even on popular Spotify created playlists.

I have a young family and am part of a family friendly community. The other day we had a spotify playlist on and James Blunt 'You're Beautiful' came on casually dropping in the F Bomb! Not OKAY!

Half of the current Global Top 50 songs are Explicit!

We want Spotify to have an option to block explicit songs from playing AND to have the radio versions of songs available/prioritise these versions in searches.  They are aware of this need from families (and people who don't like swearwords!) but don't seem to be prioritising what seems to be quite an easy fix.

Please sign this petition so that all ages can use and enjoy Spotify.



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