IOA must allow Indian Football Team to Participate in Asian Games

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Respected Madam, Respected Sir,

As football fan of our motherland India, we are shell shocked to hear Indian Olympic Associations (IOA) decision of NOT sending Indian Football Team to Asian Games this time. 

The love and passion for football in India need to introduction. In spite of not being in the world cup with our own team, football lovers even take own life in despair when their favorite country loses. This is what football means to us!

Our Football team is doing gradually well and we are nearing our best ever FIFA Ranking (94) with current ranking 97. More tournaments, more international matches, more exposure are the exact things the team needs. Asian Games is the platform for the same.

This is the country with 2 Asian Games Gold Medals in the trophy room. The Golden Days will never be back unless we believe in ourselves and keep trying.

All the above are certainly very well known to IOA and other governing bodies. Therefore, as a football lover and citizen of this country, I, on behalf of millions of like-minded people appeal to IOA to reconsider the decision and send the Football team to Asian Games with all due honor and respect.

A country of such passion and more than 130 crore population will come forward if any support is needed. We shall participate in crowd funding if budget is the main reason.

Finally, I would like to say, there is nothing more glorious than National Anthem being played in the world stage while our men in blue are starting every game!

With this I appeal once again with folded hands to decide in favor of sending our football team to 2018 Asian Games at Jakarta. This is the place where our team made us proud by winning football GOLD in 1962!


Sandip Chakrabarti