Getting kids back to activities - their mental health relies on it!

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Children in Manitoba have been told that indoor recreational activities are not safe.  Many programs have been shut down most recently from November 1st after having been previously shut down from March until June.  All the while we are told that school is safe when cohort sizes and space is significantly smaller than the facilities that their chosen activities take place.

The mental and physical health of our children is at risk.  Whether your child participates recreationally or as a competitive athlete the positive attributes of such participation are immense.  Sports like gymnastics, dance, cheer, karate and most non team sports all have individual training components that can be done safely. 

Governments seem to think of sport’s as team activities only.  They think of it as a whole that they will open all or nothing; that is short sighted and unfair.  Please share and help change this process to help each sport be measured on its own risk factors as many of these programs will not survive much longer.