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We are all equal in the eyes of fish and the link and learn more

 Kathryn Maroun

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Sport Angling Community
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Sport Angling Community.

The club is a symbol of gender discrimination in the sport.We need to fix this because men and woman should be recognize in our sport for greatness ; our male contemporaries are.( woman are noticeably omitted) - all people have contributed significantly to the sport and continue to do so since the time when the sport began. Women should be recognized as such. -We want to recognize women in this way, as a symbol of gratitude, accomplishment and contribution to the sport . -We are more than good enough -Quite simply, it is time. If you have ever been bullied than you need to sign this document. The club has 600 members from around the world so we need 601 signatures from around the world asap.This will send a clear message that we demand this archaic practice of exclusion to end. We are all equal in the eyes of fish and children.Thanking you in advance

Kathryn Maroun

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