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Rachel Santon started this petition to Splendour In The Grass (Secret Sounds)


Splendour in the Grass Terms and Conditions are deemed UNFAIR!

as found on their website:


Under all of the Tickets Terms and Conditions Point 1 states:

Ticketholders MUST show valid Photo ID at the Event entrance bearing the same name and date of birth details as those printed on their Event Ticket.

and Point 32 States:

Tickets may not be resold, unless via the official ticket resale facility should one be made available by the Organiser, or used for advertising, promotion or other commercial purposes (including competitions and trade promotions) or to enhance the demand for other goods or services. If a ticket is sold or used in breach of this condition, the bearer of the ticket will be refused admission to the Venue and the Organiser may take further legal action against any parties that have breached this condition.

Point 32 prohibits the ability to “resell a ticket” unless using the official resale facility. However using the resale facility places the original ticketholder at an immediate loss for $30 resale fee per ticket, and fees applied at time of original purchase ranging from $8.63-$14.94. *Not to forget that the original purchase fees are re-applied in the resale as well as a 10% "resale administration fee" (this means the new purchaser is charged an additional $39.90 on a 3-day ticket that goes to the company not the reseller) and lets not forget that the ability to resell your ticket closes Wednesday July 11 when splendour starts Friday July 20

The part of the Terms and Conditions in point 1 should be considered as void and unfair as by no longer having the ability to attend the music festival for whatever circumstances occur, the terms and conditions significantly benefit the business over the consumer.

What do we want to change?

Splendour, we ask you to consider the following:

1.       VOID the requirement to have valid PHOTO ID matching the Name and DOB listed on the ticket.

2.       VOID the official resale facility as it significantly advantages only the business and not the consumer.

3.       Remove the excessive fees for the Resale site – these fees are not included in the original T&Cs so why are they in practice?

4.       Allow the Resale site to remain open until the tickets sold are permitting entry. (e.g 3 day ticket sales will cease to sell as of 8:59am Friday 20 July)

5.       Allow the ability for ticketholders to “re-issue” their tickets to their purchaser of choice by following the same re-issue process as Groovin The Moo.

We are stating the facts that your current process VOIDS your own terms and conditions. If you don’t want them found externally to be VOIDED work with us and consider improvements to your current resale process.  

Where to from here? We will initially send this request to the company being Splendour in the Grass, if the issues can be resolved from there we will take no further action. If we are unable to resolve the matters with Splendour in the Grass, we will escalate the breaches in “LPA Ticketing Code of Practice” with the appropriate body and lodge a dispute of the terms and conditions set out by Splendour in the Grass with NSW Fair Trading.

Stay tuned for further info. 


0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!