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Rule Change for Medical Conditions

This is very important to our family due to the fact that my 9 year old daughter is a Type 1 Diabetic and wears a waterproof Insulin Pump called the Omnipod. She must wear this pump at all the times otherwise it may cause  serious complications, she will have extremly high blood sugars along with ketones as well within an a couple of hours of not receiving  her background insulin called a Basal Rate.   This is her her life support. Plastic on plastic will no scratch their slides. On August 2,2012 she was denied to go down the slides with her pod on fear it will scratch the slides.  My goal is that Splash Zone allow insulin pumps on slides and have the person sign a waiver that the park isn't responsible for a broken pump but the child/adult should be allowed on the slide while wearing their pump and its that persons responsibility to keep it safe.

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