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Create a Black-Footed Ferret SpiritHood!

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In 1979, the black-footed ferret was declared extinct; in 1981, a few dozen ferrets were rediscovered in Meeteetse, Wyoming; in 1987, the remaining eighteen ferrets known to exist were rounded up, and a captive breeding and reintroduction program was initiated to bring this species back from the brink.

Related to the weasel, the mink, the otter, and other mustelids (and a distant cousin of the domesticated pet ferret), the black-footed ferret depends entirely upon the prairie dog and its burrows for food and shelter. When prairie dogs were exterminated in large numbers, our planet almost lost this tiny masked hunter forever — but, today, the ferret’s numbers are slowly recovering. The black-footed ferret is the poster child for an endangered species that, after being harmed by human actions, has benefitted from human assistance.


Founded in 2009, Los Angeles-based clothing company SpiritHoods creates stunning animal-inspired hoods, shawls, jackets, and other apparel and homewares. Every product is made from 100% faux fur; 10% of the net profits from each purchase goes toward helping endangered animals. There are SpiritHoods representing the wild beauty of lions, tigers, bears (oh my!), wolves, leopards, and more — but the company has yet to add a black-footed ferret to their collection.


As one of North America’s rarest mammals as well as an ongoing example of a successful conservation effort, the black-footed ferret is an ideal animal ambassador for SpiritHoods. With its subtly variegated buff-colored coat, sly-looking eye mask, and the black feet that give it its name, this pint-sized predator also has striking looks to go with its feel-good story. The ferret would make for a unique addition to SpiritHoods’ already impressive roster (especially with those cute round ferrety ears!), which is where you come in.


How can we get a black-footed ferret SpiritHood into production? By showing SpiritHoods that there’s interest! If you’re a fan of ferrets (black-footed OR domestic), helping out endangered species, and/or really cute, comfy headwear, sign your name and help us out!

Sly - Feisty - Resilient: the Black-Footed Ferret SpiritHood.


Special thanks to Tribe member Sabrina Miller (with honorable mentions to Penelope and Rocket!) for motivating me to finally put together this petition.

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