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Started by Robin Li

Netizens have been contributing fabricated stories in the expense of other citizens, picking on national service men, promotes cyber-bullying and cause unrest among fellow citizens by invading their privacy.

Stomp refuses to acknowledge the false stories, and chooses to go ahead and publish for the sake of "citizen journalism"

How does this educate generations after generations when there are much important news that netizens can find time to understand rather than spending hours on STOMP just reading and contributing fabricated stories?

STOMP has failed to rectify and set simple sensible guidelines before any irresponsible netizen contributes a fabricated story without getting the right facts.

Below are some examples:
Editor-in-Chief apologises to SMRT for Stomp Picture
and more recently...
Inaccurate news of NSman in train

We should live our lives as it is without being needed to be STOMPed over matters that voyeurism do not not understand and constantly misinterpreted.


Petition Closed

This petition had 23,975 supporters

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