Speedway Terrace Historic District Overlay Petition- Protect Memphis Landmarks!

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Speedway Terrace's hearing for a historic district overlay is before the Memphis City Council Tuesday, May 8, 2018 at 3:30pm

Speedway Terrace in Memphis, TN is a historic link to the expansion of Memphis and its notable Parkway System. The "Speedway" was a portion of the Memphis Parkway System created by designer William Kessler. His planning created a one mile stretch of what is now called North Parkway as a public raceway to have horse and buggy, and then early car races in the median  of the Parkway System. Novice races continued along this stretch until an ordinance was created for a local speed limit.

Speedway Terrace lies at the western most end of this track. The finish line. In 1999, Speedway Terrace was placed on the National Register of Historic Places as a district for its notably intact historic architecture. As one of the earliest areas for middle class suburban expansion, it has retained its historic charm and nationally noted homes built by William Cullens Chandler designated as the "built rite bungalows".

During a time of expansion and demolition of historical homes in Memphis , Speedway Terrace is asking the Memphis City Council for its support of local historic districts. We are of the understanding that the council has a lot of pushback from developers and supporters of wanton development within the city. We strongly encourage development within our district, but with respect to maintaining the character within the neighborhood.

Many of you may not even know who we are- our neighborhood is small. We are isolated from other neighborhoods on three sides. We are trying to further stabilize our area, protect us from inappropriate development, create a more vibrant and harmonious existence, and have a voice in our future. We are trying to protect our investment in the American Dream.

This is where we are asking you to voice your support for the protection of history and the investment many people have made over the years to create a successful and stable neighborhood. Our petition may be the strongest means to let the Memphis City Council know that we are strong and deserving of this status and protection.

Please, sign our petition as a symbol of your support of history and the efforts we have all created as our home, and our own.


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