Speed Hump for Country Ln

Speed Hump for Country Ln

September 7, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Rob Brunson

We have an excessive speeding problem on Country Ln in Midway, NC.

NCDOT conducted a speed study on Country Ln after myself and other concerned residents attended our local Town Hall Meeting for the last few months. Here are the results of that speed study:

The posted speed limit on Country Ln is: 35 MPH

The average speed on Country Ln is: 47.5 MPH

The 85th percentile is: 55 MPH (Meaning that every 1 in 7 drivers are going faster than 55 MPH)

The % of drivers exceeding the speed limit is: 94.17%

To be straight forward, this is a serious danger to our community and the residents who live here. With the construction of the Midway Town Park we are going to see a lot more foot traffic, which is a good thing! The residents of Country Ln should be able to safely walk with their children to the park. walk across the road to their mailboxes, and back out of their driveways without the fear of being hit. 

So what is the solution here? NCDOT has told us that they will not put a stop sign at the top of the hill of Country Ln. Their reasoning? "Stop signs are intersections are only used to correct a specific crash problem that does not exist at any of the intersections along Country Lane". Now, you are probably like me in the sense that safety and safety measures should be PROACTIVE and not REACTIVE. Unfortunately for us NCDOT does not see it this way. 

So this brings us to our only real solution. A SPEED HUMP. If we were able to have a speed hump installed at the bottom of the hill on Country Ln this would actionably deter people from speeding. How is this different than a "Slow Down" sign or "Children at Play" sign? If you speed, there will be consequences, such as damage done to the offenders vehicle. This is the best kind of deterrent. 

Please join me in signing this petition and making Country Ln more safe for you and your loved ones. I would also encourage you to attend all of the Midway Town Hall Meetings until this problem is resolved. I look forward to meeting you and making our community safer, for all of us. 

Remaining Midway Town Hall Meeting Schedule for 2022:

October 3rd at 7PM

November 7th at 7PM

December 5th at 7PM

Town Hall Council Chambers are located at 426 Gumtree Road

Thanks so much!


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Signatures: 60Next Goal: 100
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