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Support Congresswoman Murphy's Gun Violence Research Act of 2017

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It would be hard to find anyone to disagree that America has a problem with gun violence. Why is it so hard to agree to engage in scientific research about this very evident, horrifically tragic public health issue? Because there is a freeze into further research for federal funds that would allow the CDC to do exactly this. The Dickey Amendment (former U.S. House Representative Jay Dickey R-AR) introduced in 1996 has tied the hands of the CDC's National Center for Injury Control and Prevention. Its former director, Mark Rosenberg, shared, "the scientific community has been terrorized by the NRA". Both men have since agreed that while on opposite sides before, "we are in strong agreement now that scientific research should be conducted into preventing firearm injuries and that ways to prevent firearm deaths can be found without encroaching on the rights of legitimate gun owners. The same evidence-based approach that is saving millions of lives from motor vehicle crashes, as well as from smoking, cancer and HIV/AIDS, can help reduce the toll of deaths and injuries from gun violence". US Florida Representative Stephanie Murphy introduced H.R. 1478 on March 9, 2017 named the Gun Violence Research Act of 2017. Currently there are 64 co-sponsors, all Democrats for this pending bill. There is currently NO Republican support. Please sign this petition to force Republicans to support the science, let the research demonstrate what a dangerous public health risk is running unchecked. Bullets don't discriminate what side of the aisle you're on. Neither does science. 

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