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Statues in the Missouri State Capitol Rotunda honor famous Missourians. Naturally, one would expect that these statues and busts honor famous Missourians who have made a positive contribution to their community. For example, Missourians Stan Musial, a beloved St. Louis Cardinals baseball Hall of Famer known for his skill, sportsmanship and moral fiber (when he quit pro ball to fight for his country in World War II); American hero Sacajawea; broadcaster with integrity, Walter Kronkite; and great American President Harry S. Truman are among the others who have been honored in this way. Missouri Speaker of the House, Steven Tilley's plan to have a bust of Rush Limbaugh is a slap in the face not only to those others honored, but to Missourians. Limbaugh is famous for his divisive, racist, misogynistic rhetoric and has not made a valuable contribution worthy of being honored with the likes of the heroes listed above. Going through with this goofy plan of erecting a bust of Limbaugh on State property would send the rest of the country the message that Missouri is a short-sighted population that recognizes individuals for celebrity and infamy over substance and quality.

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