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Take action now to speak up for the world’s most endangered marine mammal—the Hawaiian monk seal.  Poised to gain new habitat protections, the seal’s possibility of recovery just stepped up a notch.   These protections will ensure that monk seals have habitat to thrive on, and will also protect our beaches for surfers, fishers, and all ocean-lovers.

Threatened by rising seas and disappearing food, Hawaiian monk seals are teetering on the brink of extinction.  There are only about 1,000 seals left, and they need your help. Protecting habitat can reduce threats to monk seals because it ensures that coastal development will not harm monk seal habitat.  Protecting the monk seals’ habitat also means these projects will not be allowed to interfere with beach access or degrade ocean quality.

While declining in their historical habitat in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, a string of low-lying atolls  in the Pacific, Hawaiian monk seals are increasingly inhabiting and giving birth to healthy pups in the main Hawaiian Islands.  This means that habitat protection on O`ahu, Kauai, Maui, Moloka`i, and other islands will make a big difference by providing a refuge for monk seals.

The federal government has proposed to protect 11,000 square miles of habitat for Hawaiian monk seals. Sign this petition to support the proposal to designate Hawaiian monk seal critical habitat.

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Letter to
National Marine FIsheries Service
I support the Fisheries Service's proposal to expand critical habitat protections for the Hawaiian monk seal. It's important to update critical habitat to reflect the coastal and marine areas that Hawaiian monk seals are using and need for their conservation and recovery. Monk seals need protected habitat on the main Hawaiian Islands as well as the marine waters where they forage.

Hawaiian monk seals are a valuable part of the marine ecosystem and an important animal for Hawaii's natural heritage. Protecting monk seal habitat also protects the coastal environment and the communities that depend on healthy beaches and oceans.

The proposed critical habitat rule should be finalized to ensure management and protection of those areas that are essential for the survival and recovery of Hawaiian monk seals.

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