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More than two decades after first receiving Endangered Species Act protections, the Northern spotted owl is continuing to inch closer to extinction at an alarming rate of 4% per year across its range. Habitat loss due to irresponsible forest management has made the recovery of the spotted owl much more difficult and the continuation of the Western Oregon Plan Revisions could make matters even worse.

Take Action! Tell the U.S. Fish and WIldlfe Service to protect Northern spotted owls and their habitat.

More than half a million acres of the Pacific Northwest's old-growth forests on which the owl depend were cut down between 1994 and 2007. Now, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is developing a final recovery plan and we need your help to ensure that this plan adequately protects spotted owls and their remaining habitat.

In addition to fierce industry pressure to lessen protections for the spotted owl, the reinstatement of the Western Oregon Plan Revisions, known by the acronym WOPR, will quadruple old-growth forest logging if left intact. 

Please take action today. Tell FWS you expect the use of good science in protecting the Northern spotted owl and the region's remaining at-risk old growth forests.

Letter to
Special Advisor, U.S. Department of the Interior Michael Bean
I am writing to urge you to make use of good, sound science in determining the final Northern Spotted Owl recovery Plan. The spotted owl has declined at a disturbing rate of 4 percent annually across its range due largely to habitat loss from irresponsible forest management.

Specifically, I am imploring you to withdraw the flawed Western Oregon Plan Revision (WOPR) which would further deplete owl habitat. Additionally, I urge you to use the best available science in determining the final plan with a goal of the recovery of the Northern spotted owl.

Thank you for considering my comments.


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