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SPEAK FOR THE TREES! Say NO to 135 acre Youth Sports Complex

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“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It's not.”
― Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

Fellow friends of the bluegrass and beyond, 

There is a proposal that is gaining serious momentum in our city government to support the build of a 130 acre Youth Sports Complex using tax payers money and tax payers land to be run by a privately contracted third party.  

This is slated to be a place for our children to play, but it is a place for our children to PAY to play.   There is a difference.   

Why should you care?

1. Wild Life Habitat (where would they go?)

The complex would be built on a untouched 135 acres of land in our city that is home to countless species of native bird, hawk, the beautiful featured barred owl, deer, coyote, turkey and other animals.   Many pollinators thrive having native wild plants to keep their numbers strong and healthy.   Keeping this land as it is or creating a space for our children to learn about wildlife native to our area is invaluable.   

2. Water Quality 

This build would not only destroy the wildlife habitat, but because of the Karst topography (3 major sinkholes) in the area this requires special considerations and should be left untouched or as natural as possible to prevent ground water contamination. The chemicals required to maintain tournament level playing fields has potential for negative impact to our natural water sources not to mention destabilizing the region further. 

3. Air Quality

Because this would draw people to our community from near and far, traffic and pollution would increase.  Dust and construction from the build site and chemical laden sports fields would also negatively impact our environment.  Removal of trees, shrubs and natural resources would further reduce air quality in our area.    

4. Traffic 

Traffic is a major concern, the entry being considered right before the new circle on ramp.  This is already a congested area for those travelling in and out of town from Versailles.   

5. Surrounding Neighborhood Home Value Impact

Beaumont, Wellesley Heights, The Colony, Parkers Mill and others should be concerned about  what it means to have  a complex like this in your backyard and what it would do to home values in your area.   Please  research noise radius impact and local home values around these types of facilities.

6.  Noise Pollution

One of the most serene areas in Lexington, surrounded by beautiful horse farms would give way to blinding lights and intercoms until the late evening hours.   Games, because of weather delays, when tournaments are in full swing, often go from 7 AM into the late evening hours sometimes early morning.   

7. Crime Increase

Tournaments draw crowds, of course economically, this can be beneficial to our city.   But with crowds and more people also means increased crime rates. Placing this risk in the backyard of major and well established subdivisions decreases value in the area and increases risk to families who live there.  


By signing this petition, you are asking our district council members to hear our voice.   We do NOT want a 135 acre Sports Complex in our backyards.    We are not opposing the space being built somewhere in Lexington, preferably a place where the land is already cleared and not in the middle of a residential area.   We would like our tax money to go toward making this area a wildlife preserve that offers education regarding local animals and the importance of maintaining green space.   That is what would be GOOD for our children.   All of our children.  

Check your local listings for dates in our city council where you can come and support this cause.

Thank you, 

Concerned Citizens

of the Bluegrass





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