Wellness Check For Rabbit In Suspicious Entertainment Video

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On or about 1/14/2018, it appears this Dutch Rabbit  was cruelly and deliberately set up on a high dresser in a cage 5 times too small for the size of the rabbit, the top was left open to inhumanely videotape the rabbit while trying to escape the small cage. The rabbit is seen jumping in high flight toward the ceiling then dangerously falling several feet to the floor.  In the video, a hard thump of the rabbit hitting the floor can clearly be heard before laughter started by the people taking the video.

Rabbits have incredibly fragile spines and are very susceptible to injury and in severe cases, can be fractured or even severed completely. Any kind of trauma to the spine can lead to partial or complete paralysis of the hind limbs. Injury can result in broken legs or backs, injury to the spine commonly happens when a rabbit is restrained improperly and kicks or twists out of the arms of the person holding them, or when they are dropped on the floor. 

The rabbit in this video has gone viral on several website pages, while the owner is bragging about profiting from selling the rights of the video while comments are also seen by the owner stating he is "smoking" with a tripping rabbit, the rabbit had a busted lip and then another very concerning post threatening he was going to record himself chopping the rabbits head off.

Ohio Law does not support Animal Cruelty.
SPCA Cincinnati offers many programs including, animal cruelty investigations
We the petitioners respectfully request the SPCA to track this person down by contacting Facebook who is capable of tracing their user accounts and work with the Police to track the owner down and provide a wellness check on this rabbit immediately. 

There is a payment posted by the owner between the owner and UNILAD UK, who has recently removed the video as of 1/27/2018.  There is also a Facebook photo of the owner standing behind a car with a license plate in clear view, along with possibly having a few Facebook accounts.  There are many leads for the SPCA and authorities available to find this owner.  Please do not dismiss this inhumane act and give this rabbit the same respect and consideration as any other companion animal. 

People being reckless and even abusive with animals to generate "funny" or "entertaining" videos for money and/or fame is a serious problem that's been generated by the Internet.

UNILAD UK pays people to turn in videos and photos for profit, they also appear to share and encourage animal cruelty on a regular basis as humor.
In 2017 UNILAD promoted the video of a suffering baby rabbit with a broken back
that was cruelly exploited until it died. Despite millions of requests to remove the video, it remains to date.

2018 UNILAD promoted a video of 3 puppies being cruelly kept inside a closed and partially cracked refrigerator (where they could easily suffocate) while amusingly stating it was a guide to cooling down huskies.  The list goes on...

8 Shit is also promoting this cruel video of the rabbit flying through the air and dangerously falling to the floor.

Other Perspectives is also promoting this cruel video of the rabbit flying through the air and dangerously falling to the floor.

There is nothing "Amusing or Acceptable" about mistreatment, neglect, cruelty to animals and profiting from it.  Please contact the authorities and respectfully ask them to investigate this suspicious concerning entertainment video of a dutch rabbit dangerously crashing to the floor.

Over 10k people have signed another Petition regarding the welfare of this rabbit, please also sign and share, if you have not already. 

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