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Stop euthanizing pit bulls without giving them a chance at life!

Our local animal shelter claims their mission is to "protect the welfare of the animals we come in contact with, and to promote the humane treatment and well being of these animals." ( That is a lie. The pittie pups that are taken there will never get a chance at life! They are euthanized within 3 days of arrival whether they can pass a temperment test or not. They are never given the chance to find their forever home. Even if someone from the public wants to adopt them, they will tell you no. They say it is because of random attacks around this area that were by pit bulls. Why punish the breed for an owner's stupidity? Why put to death thousands of innocent pups who did nothing wrong to begin with, all because of the bad actions of others? *Fact- human aggression was bred out of pit bulls years ago. *Fact- pit bulls score higher on a temperment test than border collies. Please sign and share this petition so we can take a stand and make a change for them!

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