Free our Winston...Help us bring our Bulldog Home to his Whanau. NO to being put to sleep.

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On the morning of 2nd December 2020 at approximately 10.20am, our beloved Bulldog had an encounter with an elderly man where the outcome of it resulted in a dog bite. Winnie aka Winston was believed to have been teased on a many occasions by this elderly man as he passed the resident where Winnie was staying temporarily until his owner could find suitable accommodation for them. When out for a walk on the 2nd December 2020 our Winnie was being a dog picking up a scent in the bush. The family member walking Winston had full awareness and control as she does every morning walk. She seen this elderly man approaching on his mobility scooter, at the time she wasn't sure of this so she went to shorten Winnies leash anyway and had moved closer to the bush as she paced slowly along with Winston allowing plenty of room distant from Winnie for him to pass. Assuming he would pass on as he usually would, she also had her earphones in so wasn't actually intending on communicating at all. She noticed the man slowing down to talk, from this she instantly checked Winnie. Winnie sat as the man stopped on his scooter, she was fully confident that Winnie was  ok as he had just come away from the bush he was enjoying. From then the man asked a question " Is that the dog?", which she  found strange that he would ask this as he is the only Bulldog on the street, but just as she went to reply to the elderly man she and the man realized that Winnie had latched himself onto the mans elbow. Shocked at this she pulled Winnie from the man and he put his head down and his body drooped onto the ground as he knew what he had done was naughty and not at all right. She at this time was holding Winnie to the ground. The elderly man sped off on his mobility scooter to the doctors just up the road from her home. She then in shock would walk Winnie safely home lock him down in his kennel and go to the doctors to see how the elderly man was. She arrived at the medical center and she asks about the elderly man and she is assured that he is ok and with the doctors. The elderly man did need stiches from this ordeal but as she was not aware how badly injured the man was as he had a few layers of clothing on. The bite was nasty. The pound enforcer officer ordered that Winnie be handed over immediately to them so he was given that same afternoon. We his whanau have not seen him let alone have heard from them until the 4th of December when they come to my sisters home and said that we pay $166.00 to keep him in our ownership so that was paid by the owner and then today 7th December we were told that he may get put down in 2days. Hence my Petition we do not want him to be put down we know as a whanau that this was indeed wrong but he does not deserve to be put to death. I look at him as my little brother because that is how he was treated by me and by my whole whanau as one of us.

All we want is this to be resolved without having to put our Bulldog down or as the Manawatu Council state in section 58 order destruction of the dog. PLEASE HELP US TO SAVE OUR BRO OUR BULLDOG AND BRING HIM HOME,HES OUR PROTECTOR AS WE ARE HIS. It is the support we need to tell the system that our dog is not a danger to the community or to people and that he is well loved and cared for by his whanau that truly do love him and all we want is for him to come home. We do send sympathy to the elderly man that was injured. Remember what you do to a Dog or any animal kind or bad they remember just like us humans. Thankyou for taking time to read this and we send love for your tautoko and aroha for our Bulldog.