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Blood Testing for ALL RESCUES

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The S.P.C.A. is SOOOOO hell-bent on Castrating ALL these Rescues, I wonder why are they not giving them SIMPLE, CHEAP blood tests to make sure they are truly "OK??"

Blood Testing SAVES rescues. Castration does not "rescue" animals.

Knowing Jaakob (pictured) had Kidney Failure would not have prevented me from adopting him.  And, no, I will not single out which SPCA ..... THAT is not my point.

Jaakob died this past Christmas from toxin levels so high the doctors all wondered how he survived four years at those levels.

Seems that the SPCA is more concerned with "franchise" and "public relations" (from the emails I have received from SPCA employees about this petition) ... as in "oh, that's the franchise SPCA over THERE, not our franchise over HERE" .... shouldn't a National Organization have the SAME rules for its "franchises" regardless of location or state?

IF you question why i ask that ALL SPCAs have the SAME rules EVERYwhere, and that they ALL do simple blood tests, just do a GOOGLE SEARCH for the Niagara County SPCA.

Then, explain to me why heart stick killing is OK ..........

It appears important to SPCA franchises that I state WHICH franchise Jaakob comes from ....  you are so worried about your franchise's image?  SPCA is (well, SHOULD be) SPCA, regardless of franchise location.

(I am hoping the message of BIG BUSINESS is getting through .. let me make it succinctly clear : SPCA = franchise = Big Business)

Support your LOCAL, INDEPENDENT, NON-FRANCHISE (read: NON-spca) Animal Rescues.  Do your Research! 

SPCAs nationwide should not receive our support until they turn their focus back to the rescues, and not big business.


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