Stop Animal Cruelty and Neglect in Spartanburg County

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Spartanburg County’s Animal Control Ordinance currently provides no restrictions on tethering and only vague guidelines for shelter requirements. That means that pet owners can leave their dog, like “Willis” who is pictured here, tethered to a stake or tree for its entire life, and pet owners can also leave their animals outside in extreme cold and hot weather without actually breaking the law. Because of the weak and ineffective nature of the ordinance, Animal Control Officers often respond to calls where they are unable to offer assistance to the animal because the owner is not technically in violation of the ordinance.
Spartanburg County Council needs to update and strengthen their Animal Control Ordinance to stop the unnecessary suffering of animals. Tethering restrictions should be adopted so that dogs have a chance to move around freely and have access to food, water, and exercise. Shelter requirements should be clarified and tightened to provide adequate restrictions sufficient to protect the animal. In addition, pet owners should be required to bring their animals inside during dangerous weather such as extreme hot or cold.
Tell Spartanburg County Council to change their Animal Control Ordinance so that pets can be protected from needless suffering.