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Give Prince the cat Back to his FAMILY!!

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Prince the cat, a beloved family pet went outside to play, which he often did and was stolen by a neighbor. The thief neighbor then took him to a local vet, pretending to be the owner of the cat, hoping to have him euthanized. A volunteer for one of the local animal rescue groups, SPAR, was at the vet when the thief neighbor came in, and overheard the conversation between the thief and the vet and proceeded to persuad the thief neighbor to release the cat to SPAR. Fast forward a few weeks, a friend of the family, having heard about the family's missing cat, saw the cat at Petsmart in their adoptable pets area & contacted the family.  The mother and 2 of her children immediately jumped in the car to get the cat from from Petsmart, (and fully intended to pay the adoption fee to reimburse them for any money they were out and as appreciation for saving their cat) Once they arrived, they were told they could not adopt the cat by Petsmart, so they contacted Spar repeatedly only to have multiple messages and phone calls completely ignored, and then once they tracked down the person with Spar they thought could help them, they were rudely hung up on.  Refusing to give up on bringing their cat home (that they've had since he was a small kitten) they turned to facebook and have received overwhelming support. This cat was not abused, the family has offered to meet all of SPAR's demands, including paying the adoption fee (even though the cat is rightfully theirs) paying to have the cat chipped, & removing the doggie door so the cat cannot run off again.  As a response to the outpouring of community support for the safe return of Prince the Cat to his family, the cat has now vanished from the SPAR online database & now the family cannot even have the comfort of knowing the cat is safe or that he is still even in Oklahoma.  Sign this petition if you believe SPAR should let Prince, the cat, return home to his family that loves and misses him immensely.  Tell SPAR this kind of behavior is not acceptable!

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