Scrap the AP-7 motorway tolls on the Costa del Sol

Scrap the AP-7 motorway tolls on the Costa del Sol

8 de marzo de 2021
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Spain’s government
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Por qué es importante esta petición

Iniciada por TPA Spain

The AP7 toll road between Alicante and Tarragona became free in January 2020 but NOT the 83km stretch on the Costa del Sol between Estepona and Benalmádena and this section remains one of the most expensive paid motorways per km in Spain. 

With this petition, we would like to persuade the government to consider scrapping the toll road fees and making the AP7 free of charge.

There are many benefits to getting rid of the AP7 toll fee, so many in fact that for residents and holidaymakers on the Costa del Sol it's a no brainer. But Spain's central government appears so oblivious to these reasons that we thought it would be worth reminding them via this petition how important this change could be for the local area.

Hopefully, many people will sign and we can send the petition to the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda to consider it.

Making the AP7 toll road free would bring a number of benefits. This page talks about it in detail, here's just an extract we think worth mentioning:

  1. Driving would be safer on the A7 coast road. The alternative A7 non-paid coastal road carries 5-10x times more traffic than the AP7 toll road. It's lined with towns and urbanizations and the entrances and exits can be very hazardous. Tailbacks and accidents are very frequent. Making the AP7 free of charge would release a lot of the pressure from the A7 costal road.
  2. Save money and time. Let's be honest, it's a rip-off. During peak season a return trip from Guadiaro to Benalmádena on the AP7 can cost € 32.50. Unfortunately, when you want a clear run to the Aiport the AP7 is 15-20mins faster than the A7 coastal road meaning you end up paying through the nose for this luxury. We've all been there, late for a flight and the only option is to use the AP7 to get there on time. 
  3. Many other toll fees in Spain have been scrapped by the government in the past 2 years, why not this? In 2018 the AP1 was made free and then the AP4 between Cadiz-Seville and the AP7 Alicante-Tarragona followed suit in 2020. The AP-2 and the AP-7 Tarragona-La Jonquera and Montmelo-Elpapio are scheduled to become free of toll charges, from August 2021. What about the AP7 on the Costa del Sol?
  4. Reduce air and noise pollution around the coastal areas. Many resorts would see their quality of life improve considerably if there was local traffic only on the A7. Drivers who only travel through the area and long-haul freight trucks could be diverted to AP7.

There are many other reasons we can think of, it would be great to hear your take on it too in the comments section. 

We think the AP7 toll fee should be abolished on the Costa del Sol

If you feel the same way please join us in our bid to persuade the Spanish government to make the AP7 motorway free of charge. We plan to collect 100,000 signatures to present to the authorities as definitive proof of local sentiment.

Please share this petition and let's make it happen!

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Firmas: 316Próximo objetivo: 500
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