Give all Falcon boosters names.

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SpaceX in recent years, has made massive strides to make reusable rockets a reality, and we are thankful for their amazing work. But, in all of their missions so far, all they do is refer to them as "boosters", or "cores". So today we are starting a petition to call on SpaceX to name each of their new block 5 boosters with their own special individual names.

SpaceX has revolutionised the aerospace industry, by landing their rocket boosters (cores) on landing pads by the launch site, or out at sea on autonomous spaceport drone ships. These boosters are incredible machines, and are works of modern human mathematics and engineering. And the boosters should be respected. I was browsing through a complete list of SpaceX boosters a couple of days ago, and I realised something. None of them have actual names. They were called things such as B1019, or B1029, which are extremely boring, and I mean boring as in boring, not Boring Company boring.

Falcon boosters are hardly just rocket boosters anymore, they are icons of the space industry, and with that, many of us SpaceX fans have formed special attachments, and we believe that they at least deserve some sort of respect.

The boosters don't deserve this, so please, sign this petition. I mean, SpaceX have already named their Barges, and their ships. They've even given one of their Big Fucking Spaceships (BFR) a name. And I bet Elon will get a kick out of it :)

So please, sign this petition, and help make a change. #boosterlivesmatter