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Remove peanuts from airplanes, starting with Southwest.

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My name is Zoe Herold and I've had a severe anaphylaxis peanut allergy all my life. Growing up I never felt it prevented me from experiences, but as I work my way through adult life, I am having to come to terms with the fact that it's the environment around me needing to change, and that I am my own advocate for this adaptation. 

In my understanding, peanut allergies have always been known to be the most severe allergy. Until more recent years, I had never known any other allergies that could put someone into anaphylaxis just from being in the same room as them. As allergies increase across the United States, tree nuts and other allergens are becoming more severe where airborne allergens can cause anaphylaxis, a life threatening allergic reaction. Because I am only able to do so much about my allergy, my focus is on the city I live in, Louisville KY, and making the city more peanut allergy friendly for me, as well as removing peanuts from airlines.

I want peanuts removed from planes for the simple fact that it's not necessary for people to eat peanuts on a flight, especially when it's creating a highly toxic, life-threatening environment for some passengers. I love to travel, and am not bashing airlines, but I want to start this petition so I can go to the airline companies one by one in the U.S. and show them "Hey, these people are willing to travel without peanuts, let's get the #1 deadly airborne allergen off planes", starting with Southwest, who I most often fly with.

It amazes me that peanuts are still served on planes with what I know from going to allergists and doctors, because I am not alone in living with such a severe allergy. I have to be careful everywhere I go, and of everything I eat, and I want to make it known that I still wouldn't be able to eat the snacks like pretzels and cookies without calling the companies and inquiring about their processing lines and if cross-contamination may be an issue, and what flour they use. But it would absolutely lessen the stress and potential health problems immensely of those suffering from a peanut allergy to have the peanuts removed from planes all together. Going without peanuts for a few hours seems like a non-issue to me, but you would be surprised how attached some people are to this tradition. Not to mention, there are probably contracts with the snack companies to keep peanuts on flights-- it's big business. But that is not stopping me, I want peanut-free flights, and safer environments for peanut-allergy sufferers! 

Right now, Southwest will allow peanut-allergies to pre-board and pick a seat that looks like it may have the least amount of peanuts on the ground around it, peanut dust on seats, and so on. Then they will make an announcement if requested, to let passengers know there's a peanut allergy on board. Unless I take the earliest flight of the morning, to prevent any peanuts being passed out before me, there will be peanuts passed out before and after my flight, increasing my chance of having a reaction due to the recycled airplane air and peanuts on the plane. Often taking the first flight of the day is not doable going both to and from my destination, and I still have to take benadryl when going on flights. Scarily, there is always a risk that my allergy could be worse, and I would have to use my epi-pens and get to a hospital, which would require emergency landing of the plane. Even then I am not guaranteed to live through my reaction. I want to remove this whole process, and just say NO peanuts on flights, and NO peanuts will be passed out during the flights by the airline. If people want to eat peanuts, do it at home, or a million other places, it is not worth someone dying. Please sign my petition to help make this simple request a reality! My goal is to gain a larger support base through this, and then be able to write companies and airlines and attach this petition to help strengthen my argument. 

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