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Declare "Bronies" as a hate group

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Bronies, or adult male fans of My Little Pony, often show strong hatred, including harassment and death threats, towards anyone that dislikes their fringe fanbase. In addition, the majority of bronies show traits of the Alt-Right, such as Islamophobic, racist, and pro-fascist beliefs and actions. (Yes, most of them support Donald Trump). Bronies often spread pornographic material with ponies to people to do not want to see it. They lie to people outside of their fanbase to make themselves look like good, kind people, but they are really some of the most racist and hateful people in the world. Bronies claim to support "love and tolerance", but their disgusting hateful actions show otherwise. By officially declaring bronies a hate group, we can bring attention to and ultimately end the problem with bronies and the Alt-Right. If we do not declare bronies as the hate group they are, bronies will continue to harass, threaten, and traumatize other people with no consequences. 

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