Classify Single Christian Mothers Against Pitbulls as a Hate Group

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I'll start by talking about statistics, more specifically, how to abuse them. The two biggest tools in warping statistics to fit ones narrative are definitions and sample size.

So, the anti-pitbull camp is correct in stating that the breed is responsible for the majority of fatal dog attacks in the United States; 74% according to DogBite.Org's 2017 census data. That sounds scary, however, numerically, how many deaths does that pin on pitbulls? 29. That's because there were only between 39-49 dog bite related fatalities that year. Now, lets talk data over a wider time span. There were 433 dog bite related fatalities between 2005 and 2017; 284 of those were pitbulls. Before you freak out, remember that this was over a 13 year time span and it comes to an average of 21.8 per year. 

What about definitions? What is a pitbull? Well, "pitbull" isn't actually a breed, according to GlobalAnimal.Org, it is rather an umbrella term that refers to up to five different breeds and their mixes. When brought to it's most narrow definition, pitbull refers to two breeds. 

Now, a lot of dog behavior is dependent upon how they have been treated by humans. According to GlobalAnimal.Org, the vast majority of pitbulls responsible for attacks were sexually in tact and not properly socialized. So the question is, why are so many pitbulls this way? In short, dog fighting. According to The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, pitbulls are the breed of choice in illegal dog fights. In short, you are blaming the dog for the actions of evil people. 

Lastly, if someone you loved has been injured or killed by a pitbull, I'm sorry, I wish that didn't happen. But I want you to understand that eliminating 6.5% of the dog population is not the answer. It is quite frankly, an insidious solution; genocide (if I am to be dramatic). The true solution is to work harder to stop dog fights and put more resources toward rehabilitating rescued animals. We have to treat the cause, not the symptom.