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Classify Fox News as a Hate Group

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Why the hell isn’t Fox News classified as a hate group?

You might think we are joking when we ask that, but we are not. The SPLC classifies all 784 hate groups in the United States into a number of distinct categories. How many of those categories could you fit Fox News into? Let’s see… Anti-immigrant? Check. Anti-LGBT? Check. Anti-Muslim? Check. Neo-Confederate? Check. White nationalist? Checkcheck, and check.

You can’t really argue against the notion that Fox News mobilizes hate, either. A quick visit to any website with active comments will prove that within a few minutes. Remember back in May when President Obama launched his official Twitter page, and an army of archetypical Fox News viewers came out of the woodwork to spew racial hatred at him?

Whether or not Charleston domestic terrorist Dylann Roof watched Fox News frequently remains a mystery, but there are certainly a few connections to be made there. Likewise, we can’t prove that Louisiana movie theater shooter John Russell Houser watched Fox News, but based on his rambling hate speech targeting liberals, the left-wing media, and gays, I think we can safely guess which cable network he watched more frequently than any other.

Fox News is not really a news outlet, but a fully bona fide hate group and a megaphone for all the racist, xenophobic, misogynist propaganda conservative America can stomach. And if Fox News’ ratings are any indication, it looks like they can stomach quite a lot.

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