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This is a petition to put a protection barrier over the bridges at Queensway Southend, after the heartbreaking passing of Chris and many other individuals who have attempted suicide or who have fallen. It is aware that the whole underpass area will be renovated however it is not clear when this is happening as it could take years to renovate the area and if we can prevent this from happening again we can make a change. The bridge is dangerous and it has been involved in many incidents. This young mans passing has largely affected our community as it could of been prevented. He was known as friendly, always calm, smiling and good hearted. The stigma around mental health especially in men needs to be broken and Southend as a community can contribute in checking on our friends and family. Furthermore we can contribute and fight for stronger support systems for younger people who struggle with mental health. Chris was let down as he did not have the support he needed. If we can save a life before the renovation that would mean everything. Chris and his family are in our hearts and he will not be forgotten. 

some words from the people who knew Chris.

“Chris was honestly one of the nicest people ive ever met, always happy go lucky, always laughing”

“Chris was such a funny and lovely guy, always so kind and a good friend, he could be shy sometimes but he was allways making us all laugh”

“Chris was such a lovely person. I’ve known him since year 7 & i’m going to miss him dearly. rip.”

“Chris was taken from us too soon, he was always willing to go the extra mile for anyone”

”He is the second person i know that has jumped from this bridge something needs to be done. He was possibly the happiest person i knew even though he may have been covering his real feeling he knew how to make everyone else happy no matter what. He was a very chilled out person and wasn’t one to start and argument ever. He was truly so kind and the world has truly lost an amazing person”

“He was a good lad a little quiet but respectful and well mannered from the times I met him over the forum. Its sad to lose someone who wouldn't hurt anyone”

” He was by far the best person I met in College literally, we was on the same course in my first year there and we sat together every lesson and we had so many laughs, he made me and a lot of people happy. He was always there for me and gave the best hugs, I suffer with bad anxiety and he would look after me when I had a panic attack and he really helped me out by doing my class presentations with me as I find it really difficult to speak in front of people. He was an amazing person and I already miss him loads”

”Chris was a kind, loving and happy young man who cherished all of his friends and family”

“he was kind funny always there for people when they needed it and he was like a brother to me”

”RIP bro, such a cruel world out there. You was taken too young & too soon. rest easy up there”