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Remove a teacher from Southeast Missouri State University for unprofessional conduct

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At the beginning of the spring semester at Southeast Missouri State University, I was enrolled in SW121, Interpersonal Communication. Right off the bat, the teacher informed the class that the teacher  was controversial, and if we disagreed with her, we could leave the class. I have had professors before whose worldview wasn't necessarily in line with my own, so I did not think this class would pose a challenge. Within a short time, the teacher went on a hate filled racist rant blaming people of European ancestry for the plight of those of African ancestry. This went on in class after class. White people have stolen her heritage. White people have stolen the teacher culture. White people have stolen the teacher language. White people have made black people fat due to introducing them to fried foods. No one wants to date black women; all of the men want European type women that are small. If the teacher racist rants were not enough, the teacher has a very uncouth manner of language using "damn" and "shit" multiple times during the teacher lecturing. I'm not a prude, but that is not acceptable on a professional level. the teacher could not be bothered to return emails at all until I filed a formal grievance against her. Other students have complained about this as well. the teacher would close assignments before the due dates she promised, but the teacher could not return emails when asked very basic questions in a polite manner. After I filed a formal grievance on the teacher, the teacher became very hateful with the class insisting that our microphone be turned on at all times so as to be able to hear what was being said in the class. the teacher then announced that no one was to record her class lectures as it was against the rules-our campus director said that was not true. the teacher then informed us that if we wanted conflict, the teacher thrived on it, enjoyed it, and to bring it on. Later in the class I asked about due dates. After going back and forth, the teacher finally said we could email her if we wished to discuss a due date extension. I asked quite politely what good would that do considering that she never responded to previous emails. At that point the teacher said I was lying and had only emailed her one time when in fact it was multiple times. the teacher started yelling at me, told me the teacher knew I was the one who reported her, told me intimate details of the report, and when I stood my ground, the teacher told me to leave the classroom. I have now been banned from coming back to the teacher class simply because I stood up for myself. A look at at the teacher time at both U of Toledo and SEMO will show that this is the teacher who has no business teaching a class.

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