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Reverse Southampton's New Refuse Collection Schedule

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We strongly believe the new refuse collection scheme introduced by the Southampton City Council on June 5 2017 must be reversed or rethought based on the following points:

  • The new scheme results in accumulation of waste on our streets for 14 days until its removal. This creates smells, and dispersion of rubbish and in a windy city like Southampton almost daily.
  • Many households don't have bins from the council, only bags, which are far more vulnerable to animals, including foxes and most importantly rats.
  • The amount of waste each house can produce over 14 days often exceeds the capacity of the waste bin provided.

This results in the following problems:

  • Refusal of waste in neighbours’ bins when owned bins are full.
  • Overload of bins which do not close properly leading to animals including seagulls and pigeons to look for food in the bins resulting in more waste on the street pavement and roads.
  • The spread of bacteria from both animals, waste, and households using disposable nappies; becomes a health issue that can harm the city’s residents. This is especially evident in summer when higher temperatures help bacteria thrive.

A reversal would ideally include:

  • Processing a wider range of recycled products including all forms of plastic—not just plastic bottles without lids. These often end up in rubbish and take up a lot of space.

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