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South Sudan is an Independent Nation; include it on the World Map!

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I am writing to draw the attention companies such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, National Geographic and their affiliates for failing to include South Sudan on their the World maps.  Six weeks after Sudan’s declaration of the independence, the world map still looks like there is no new country added to the family of the international community.

World bodies such as the United Nations and the African Union have recognized South Sudan as a sovereign nation.  This recognition implies that South Sudan is now a member of these two important institutions and hence the need to include its map on the globe is urgent to avoid confusion.  As it is now, the world map looks like nothing happened on July 9th 2011and the map of Sudan looks like the country is still one.  

My people from South Sudan have endured 50 years of a bitter conflict to attend the independence.  Millions of people died, thousand became refugees and internally displaced persons during the cause of the struggle for independence.

I am surprised that, decision makers at Google search engine continue to mislead people by not changing the world map.  The inclusion of South Sudan will give the people of that new nation the pride and sense of belonging, as citizens of a sovereign nation whose map is on the globe.

Since these companies have taken long to act, I am hereby requesting them to include South Sudan as a separate nation on the world map so that school children who are taking geography class can pass their examination if quizzed about the countries on the map of Africa.  Needless to mention that fact that if South Sudan was in the Europe or North America, it would be appearing on the world map by now!  


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