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Note: The South Shore Line is run by the Northern Indiana Transportation Commuter District (NICTD) and is independent of Metra. 

Allowing bicycles would increase the reach of Indiana residents, giving them easier access of other cities in northwestern Indiana, and giving them access to amenities in Chicago and its suburbs. 

Many people in Chicagoland want to bring their bicycles to the great trails and natural areas in northwestern Indiana, including Dunes National Lakeshore and other campgrounds. 

Allowing passengers to bring their bicycles with them on the train increases their reach in the two region's many points of interest.


Letter to
Mark Yagelski, Chairman Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District
Since the early 2000s, thousands of people around Chicagoland have taken their bicycles on Metra trains to reach further destinations, where the lack of transit or long walking distance would otherwise put it out of reach.

The corridor along which the South Shore Line operates has many destinations that appeal to people in Illinois, including the historic World's Fair homes in Beverly Shores, and the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. There are also many camping opportunities and long-distance biking trails in this corridor.

Allowing access for non-folding bicycles on your trains will increase ridership and tourism in the areas served by the South Shore Line.

Please consider embarking on a pilot program that would allow passengers to bring their non-folding bicycles during off-peak periods.

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