Call on the School Board to implement a Wellness Day

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Students and teachers have clearly expressed the need for a Wellness Day in order to take a break from endless hours on a screen, which has severe mental and physical health consequences. Many students have identified a lack of motivation, sleep deprivation, depression, poor posture, and just an overall exhaustion from the constant online exposure that results from computer-based homework piled onto hours of draining Zooms. A day dedicated to wellness would give students the opportunity to participate in enrichment activities, like clubs, ASB events, student-led panels/discussions, and mindfulness practices, and more importantly just get a break from the screen. More Zoom time does not equal more learning. Maintaining a sustainable educational model with adequate breaks and asynchronous work will result in more student engagement and a better overall school experience.

Currently, we are advocating for the School Board to engage the community to develop a Wellness Day. The Teacher's Association of South Pasadena (TASP) did present a model that included a Wellness Day to the Board back in August, but it was voted down. Working with that TASP model -- and including students in the discussion -- will result in a learning schedule that meets the needs of all community stakeholders, rather than the current model which is detrimental to students and teachers.

Please join us in calling for the School Board to adopt the instructional model that works best for students and teachers -- one that includes a Wellness Day. Let's prioritize the mental health and wellbeing of our community. Thank you!


Noah Kuhn, Tonalli Garcia-Rodriguez, Andrew Cheung, and Michelle Jee