Keep Platform Tennis Courts in South Orange Township

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With the renovation of the Baird Center facility, the current architectural plan is to remove the two platform tennis courts to make more parking spaces.  We are petitioning the South Orange Board of Trustees to keep the courts in South Orange, either at the Baird Center or another location in the township.

  • The courts have been established and used by the community for approximately the past 50 years.
  • It is the only outdoor winter sport offered in the community.
  • The courts support two women’s and five men’s paddle tennis teams 
  • They are one of only five remaining public paddle facilities in the State of New Jersey 
  • Added recreational attraction for incoming home buyers 
  • Brings NJWPTL and NJMPTA sanctioned events to South Orange 
  • Increases commerce for local establishments 
  • Brings visitors from surrounding communities to the Village of South Orange 
  • Attractive recreational activity for all age groups 
  • Additional recreational option for local youth groups and schools

We ask that careful consideration be given to our requests and that the community voice be recognized.