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South Newton Township, Cumberland County, Pa: Stop their plans to kill all feral and free roaming cats by a paid trapper on September 7th & 8th,2013

These cats are clearly being marked for extinction through the Townships' witch hunt of these innocent animals! South Newton Township in Pennsylvania is going to have a feral cat "cull" trapping and killing free roaming farmcats because of an incident with a cat having rabies in the area. They have hired a local "trapper" who will trap and kill (and I am not talking about a TNR trap, ie leg hold and other methods) and will be killing any cats caught. Residents have been warned to keep their pets indoors during the timeframe of September 7-8th. ALL cats, healthy or not will be killed!!

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Letter to
Representative Scott Perry
Cumberland County Commisioners Barbara Cross, Jim Hertzler, Gary Eichelberger
Pennsylvania Governor
and 7 others
Pennsylvania State Senate
Pennsylvania State House
Governor Thomas Corbett
State Representative Stephen Bloom
Representative Lou Barletta
State Senator Patricia Vance
South Newton Township Township Supervisors Leroy Bowermaster , David E. Durff , Glenn E. Keefer
Stop the plans for the killing of all feral cats by a paid trapper! ALL cats, healthy or not will be killed!!

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