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Petitioning Representative Scott Perry and 9 others

South Newton Township, Cumberland County, Pa: Stop their plans to kill all feral and free roaming cats by a paid trapper on September 7th & 8th,2013

These cats are clearly being marked for extinction through the Townships' witch hunt of these innocent animals! South Newton Township in Pennsylvania is going to have a feral cat "cull" trapping and killing free roaming farmcats because of an incident with a cat having rabies in the area. They have hired a local "trapper" who will trap and kill (and I am not talking about a TNR trap, ie leg hold and other methods) and will be killing any cats caught. Residents have been warned to keep their pets indoors during the timeframe of September 7-8th. ALL cats, healthy or not will be killed!!

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Letter to
Representative Scott Perry
State Senator Patricia Vance
Representative Lou Barletta
and 7 others
State Representative Stephen Bloom
Governor Thomas Corbett
Pennsylvania State House
Pennsylvania State Senate
Pennsylvania Governor
Cumberland County Commisioners Barbara Cross, Jim Hertzler, Gary Eichelberger
South Newton Township Township Supervisors Leroy Bowermaster , David E. Durff , Glenn E. Keefer
Stop the plans for the killing of all feral cats by a paid trapper! ALL cats, healthy or not will be killed!!

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