We as a united team want UHSM to keep Community Services as they are.


We as a united team want UHSM to keep Community Services as they are.

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Jane Doe started this petition to South Manchester Clinical Commissioning Group and

They have within the last 3 weeks presented all community staff with a {proposed consultation}, which is to be ‘rolled out’ by the beginning of may 2015.The exercise is to cost cut: people and finances within the community. It professes to improve the standards of patient care whilst shrinking the (already stretched) workforce? This has been done behind the veil of providing excellent patient care, we already feel we offer this.

It is in fact a cost cutting exercise, which ironically has already cost money from its inception.The larger demographical area which south Manchester district nurses cover, to be shrunk to four main ‘hubs’

The proposal has identified that a number of community services are running with an excessively large percentage of Band 6 workforce, which must be downsized(their words not ours).
The highest number of band 6 are in a newly constructed hub team.

This team has had the go-ahead to continue, irrespective of the constraints of the proposal. This has already caused a direct disadvantage the familiar and well respected district nursing teams.

Band 4 assistant practitioner (AP)role to be totally abolished.
This role is integral to supporting the heavy, and diverse caseloads. These are not registered nurses. However, they are highly qualified and accredited professionals, who have studied for 2 years at university, to provide specialised knowledge and skills which are invaluable to the district nursing teams.

Stockport community teams have 24 Band 4 AP’s.

South Manchester have 4.

Working days to change from :



The managers/senior managers at UHSM who believe this working pattern will work, have based the model on the hospital way of working.

This wont transfer to the community setting.

The likelihood is, that attempting to increase the working hours at both ends of the day, will in fact ,have a detrimental effect on the working relationship between the community nurses and patients/families.

Rationale for this is that it is not a clinical environment, it is somebody’s home. Would you like to be sitting down with your family at teatime, to have a knock on the door to have an hours visit for infected legs?

Perhaps, you would prefer a call before 8am, when your routine means you would normally get up at 9-9.30?

Nursing staff, to be car based with portable laptops( already being rolled out at a cost to the taxpayer of six hundred pounds each). According to the strategic thinker who came up with some of these ideas. This will be time and cost effective.
The reality is that we will have no ‘base’, no where to make a cup of tea? use the toilet or eat. Nor will we be able to give or receive reciprocal support when things are difficult or were having a bad day.

UHSM cannot guarantee any vacancies within the re-deployment and staff would have to go through the application and interview process.
This statement is concise and to the point. They don’t know how the community teams function, nor do they want too?(see above) they have no idea of skills , competencies and experience .Therefore, we are not treated as the highly skilled individuals we are, we are treated like anyone else fighting to be employed 

Additionally , the MARS (mutually agreed redundancy scheme) would not be available to us.
Another nail in the coffin. We don’t want as many of you in the community, we wont guarantee you a job elsewhere, and by the way the redundancy scheme will be ended by the time this consultation goes out?

This is  just a  small taster of the consultation.

Nurses are historically bad at sticking up for themselves, we are also pretty terrible at sticking up for each other.

The NHS in general has been coasting along for a number of years on the ‘goodwill’ of its nursing staff.

Working through lunch hours to ensure a terminal patient is comfortable and not in pain.

Starting early and finishing late to accommodate patients who don’t want children/grandchildren to witness them having painful dressings changed.

Returning to unimaginably filthy houses , with no washing facilities on numerous occasions because your concerned your patient isn’t coping.

Being bitten by lice, fleas, cats, dogs and budgie’s to perform your job.

Returning , time and again to a patient in a violent relationship, to be confronted by their significant other. Because we do care.

Performing a ‘simple’ visit, to realise this person needs a lot of help.

Meeting a patient for the first time and during your assessment, sitting down in someone else’s urine.

This is what makes district nursing such a diverse area.

We, as autonomous practitioners, must be able to go into any situation, and be able to manage the patient, the family, the children, the neighbour the dog and the budgie.

So how do you fit a square peg( district nursing) into a round hole(UHSM)?

Simply , you don’t.

To summarise a fictional scenario, which I feel illustrates the point beautifully

A patient arrives on a medical ward for a routine review. The staff nurse is courteous and takes the details. During the booking in assessment the patient answers thus….

“  Yes love, I am here for my review. But….

Could you just have a look in my ears, I think they need syringing,

oh and also, I think my medications making me feel sick and a bit dizzy. While I’m at it ive been having a few problems with my waterworks.

Also, I tripped up the other week and ive cut my leg, and now its red hot , and smells bad.

Probably my own fault , my minds not been quite right?

Would you mind looking at my mobile phone? I think ive pressed something and my eyes are bad.

I forgot to mention that I had to change this appointment..... as my wife died last week.”

The staff nurse is sympathetic, but he’s on her medical ward.

She will finish the assessment, document her findings, speak with the doctor, write the discharge summary and …. Refer to the district nurses because all of that is not in her remit.

This is not a criticism of the staff nurse in this scenario.

This is what we deal with all day every day.

So please support our very specialised area of nursing, and the people who always try harder, work longer and strive to provide the best for you.

South Manchester District nurses need your help.

Thank You so much for reading and signing this petition.



This petition made change with 368 supporters!