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The South London Healthcare NHS Trust hospital group, is as dangerous if not more dangerous as The Mid Staffordshire hospital, Many patients have, and are dying and suffering needlessly.   Trusts special administrator and Hospital Managers continue to ignore so many serious staff concerns which makes them guilty of negligence and we feel they should be charged accordingly.   The former Medical Director has been reported to GMC by senior medical staff on many occasions past and present and by PAG itself,  for failing to protect patients and serious alleged incidents involving his reign of terror of bullying, intimidation to those that dare to speak up regarding their serious concerns about patient safety, but the GMC and current Trust administrator have in the past and  continue in failing to act in the best interest of patient safety.     A vote of no confidence by 80 senior consultants was dismissed by the former Chief Executive Chris Streather. Those senior consultants brave enough to raise concerns have found themselves punished as a consequence.  Facing being Investigated, Suspended or sacked.   There are ongoing serious problems within the SLHT, and features which are reminiscent of the Mid Staffordshire Hospital.     The elderly are treated appallingly and elderly inpatients resemble inmates from forced labour camps, thirsty, hungry and unwashed. Many of these wonderful elderly people had fought for this country are left to die without care and dignity. Food is left out of their reach, or they are unable to feed themselves without assistance. They are left without fluids, in soiled pads some with catheter bags full to the point of bursting. Patient Action Group founder Helen Ellis has documented photographic and video evidence of this, including evidence of the dangers of this Trusts 3 sites hospital failings.   There have been severe shortages of vital equipment endangering patients safety, and critical bed shortages, which have resulted in patients being admitted to inappropriate locations within the hospital.   As recently as April 2013, there were occasions where up to 36 patients were waiting for beds to be admitted, yet none were available. This is a reoccurring problem and sadly it continues to happen.    Inappropriate delays in the delivery of care, cancellations of patients awaiting much needed surgery, bedblocking of postoperative recovery areas, and patients housed in temporary inappropriate areas places patients at risk, and may also lead to patient deaths ...... needless deaths.   Doctors, Nurses and other staff have been constantly bullied, harassed and intimidated by managers , the very people that theoretically are put in place to protect them, in the best interests of patient care, but have become far too target driven.   Staff if they dare to speak out of their fears about patient safety, find  themselves at risk of job planning difficulties, counter claims with the threat or actual suspension, failure to progress professionally and live in constant fear of reprisal.   The safety issues are non single site based but across the entire SLHT network.     The wait in A.& E Department exceeds the recommended 4 hour waiting time target, at times up to 18 hours. Patients have been sent home with a wrong diagnosis from the A.& E Department time and time again, because of a lack of staff or pressure on beds.   Some patients being discharged home too early to free up a hospital bed,only find themselves returning back to hospital and finding themselves back at the mercy of the dangerous system.   Staff shortages endangering patients lives on a daily basis.   Junior doctors 6 months into their first year, are left in charge of high dependency patients, putting patients at risk. Patients are at times moved from ward to ward on numerous occasions during their inpatient stay - the elderly especially at risk.    The Liverpool care Pathway is being used on some patients who have not themselves consented  and without the family's knowledge or permission. Patients have suffered in agony and at times face a slow and cruel death. ALONE   This Trust without doubt needs and Independent external Enquiry- for the safety of the patients. All these serious issues have been raised time and time again over the preceding 4 years.     All level management spanning 4 years are aware of the dangers and choose to ignore them.  MP's  ignoring hospital staff and serious concerns from members of the public.  CQC continuously say they can not investigate individual complaints    "Unfortunately as stated in my earlier email the Care Quality Commission does not investigate individual complaints, however the information that you have provided will be used as part of the ongoing monitoring of the service." Same response every time  to each and every person- medical or member of the public    NHS London ignoring concerns    SOMEONE MUST NOW BE MADE ACCOUNTABLE

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