Provide Vegan meals in all schools in South Lanarkshire!

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Currently, vegan options are not offered daily in our schools. If vegan meals are introduced it will

  1. Improve the overall health of young people, as using whole foods is better than meat and animal products which are often processed.
  2. Reduce our impact on the environment by promoting vegan meals.
  3. Encourage other young people to go vegan/vegetarian/plant-based.
  4. It gives children the choice to make better decisions for their health, and the planet, if they wish to. 
  5. It will include all diet types, no matter what religious background, or what you believe, or if you have dairy allergies this meal would be for everyone nobody would be left out. (edit: nuts can be left out of meals as that is a very common allergy)

I want South Lanarkshire schools to offer vegan meals, for the animals, the environment and our future. Offering vegan options in schools will not only impact South Lanarkshire, but will also encourage other local councils to implement a similar scheme.

Currently school meals aren't the healthiest, but if we offer unprocessed vegan meals the quality and goodness can dramatically increase.