South Korean Media, Apologize to SoYoun Park( President

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Dear Animal Friends,
I am seeking your help to protest against vile South Korean Medias which are reporting SoYoun Park as Demon or Witch.
SoYoun Park has been working for her whole life saving poor & abused animals as well as a frontier for DogMeatFarms shutdown, even in the midst of death threats.
On Jan. 13th, a group of people came forward revealing that Park performed Euthanasia on dogs from 2015, resulted in around 250 dogs being killed.
From that moment, South Korean Medias are reporting about Park with a tone of, Cheater, Killer, Witch disguised as Samaritan and Embezzler....etc.
I reckon this is a Serious Crisis and Challenge in South Korea Animal Rights Movement by plastering Park as Demon, focusing on 'Killed 250 dogs', turning supporters Off, 80% Koreans spitting out curses on her and DogMeat Traders started marching with a slogan, 'Legalize DogMeat' 'We are not killing dogs' 'Park is a Cheater'.
Please sign on this Petition, leave comments or send emails to the list below to stop witch hunting and write the Facts !

Those who want to know more about this and why I support Park and why I think this is a Serious Crisis and Challenge, please scroll down.
1. South Korea Medias Links and emails
    Son, SooHo -+82 2 3288 0119
    CBS - HyunJung Kim -
    JTBC - -
    ChannelA -

2. The reasons I support Park
As many of you already know, in South Korea, it is known around 2000 Dog Meat Farms exist and every year, it is said around 2 million dogs are being slaughtered. It's not only dogs but cats and other animals(goats) are forced into the same horrible deaths such as, electrocution, hanged, bludgeoned & put into boiling water alive.
Let alone these dog-meat farms, there are little regulations on Puppy Mills and Pet-shops and every year it is reported that more than 100,000 dogs and cats are abandoned, reaching more than 110,000 last year.
To '', there are many rescue calls, mainly those being abused by owners, animal hoarders and pet-shops(yes, Petshops, because there are No legal regulations hardly applied opening a pet-shop, they abandon those in cages if they are not sold).
Those rescued animals including from dog-farms, a few lucky dogs and cats are being adopted domestically or abroad. But many of them are being kept in animal center facilities.
The following points are the main points surrounding Park by the media and the majority of South Koreans blaming about.
(1). Around 250 dogs Euthanasia or Mercy Killing : '' advertised it does not euthanize animals
>> With the surge of rescue calls and abandoned animals but with limited funding(around USD1.5Million), this may have been unwillingly, the last choice.
(2). Although, the facilities are already full, Park kept rescuing animals.
>> If facilities are full, it is right leaving them to die in agony, being abused and faced horrible deaths ?
(3). Park hired Dog-meat farmer and keeping the dogs under his hand.
>> 2018, '' campaigned with a slogan 'Dog-meat farm to Dog-care facility' and this controversial place is the first from dog-meat farm to dog-rescue center(as I know of) and she let the farmer to care the dogs.
(4). The dog-meat farm, now dog-care center secretly sold dogs for money.
>> Media 'Sherlock' reported this implying, the dog-care center sold dogs to dog-meat traders.
I do not know if it was dog-meat traders or not(the truth), but it is a practice taking money when a dog(cat) is adopted to prevent dogmeat-traders take dogs for free and sell in the market.
(5). Why I think this is a Serious Crisis and Challenge and writing this petition ?
Park has been rescuing animals in S.Korea for more than 2 decades, an iconic figure, fighting against dog-meat traders but the Medias reporting false and vile articles on Park, hiding the ugly parts of the source of this problem and defaming her gravely.
The real problem in this issue is, S.Korea Government, neglecting Animal Protection Laws & Illegalizing Dog-meat farms.
Having No regulations on Puppy mills and Breeders, dogs and cats are sold with cheap prices and people abandon them later.
S.Korea Online PetShop >>
If Park's euthanasia is a heinous crime, 2 million dogs (other animals) are slaughtered unimaginably cruelly & more than 100 times of dogs and cats are euthanized by local authorities, are the slaughters, abusers and the authorities immuned from or above the law ?
South Korean Medias are hiding the truths, fooling the people and boosted 'Dog-Meat-Traders' to come out street shouting, "We are not euthanizing dogs, Legalize Dog-Meat".

Please write your opinions to the Medias above and why you support Park. 

World Dog Alliance, a Letter of Support of Park
Thank you being an Animal friend.

As '' slogan, until the day All Beings being treated equally!