South Korean Government - Do Not Legalize Farming of Dogs For Human Consumption!

South Korean Government - Do Not Legalize Farming of Dogs For Human Consumption!

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KoreanDogs​.​org Team started this petition to Embassy of the Republic of Korea in South Africa Ambassador Lee Yoon (Embassy of the Republic of Korea in South Africa) and

Your Excellency Ambassadors of The Republic of Korea,

This petition is in response to the protest in Seoul by Korean Dog Farmers on September 24, 2012 and to officially oppose their actions. We urge the Government of Korea not to legalize the farming of dogs for human consumption. It is clear from years of evidence obtained, that has been circulated worldwide on social media and in the press by Korean animal protection organizations, that these traders bring shame on the farming community of Korea and legalizing their industry would not assure livestock welfare standards.

We urge you to take a look at some of the photographs (graphic in content) and the footage from the links provided below currently for the world to view which clearly depict:
- Animals cramped in cages without food or water “bred“ in the most appalling unsanitary conditions.
- Dogs forced to eat their own puppies and drown in excrement.
- Pets stolen and shipped to farms (Jeju “paradise island”)
- Illegal slaughter houses where no regard is given to either sanitation or welfare (hanging methods used and blow torching the fur whilst the animal is still alive)
- Unacceptable methods of transportation (stuffed into cages driven for hours dying on route)
- Moran meat market traders deliberating torturing the animals –beatings- electrocutions – in front of live animals and the general public, propagating the belief it makes meat taste “sweeter”. ( This Market has to Close)

These Traders do not deserve the noble title of farmer. Their practices bring shame on your country, who we recently welcomed and showed respect to at the Olympics and Paralympics. It is clear if they are not willing to offer what we in the West deem companion animals a minimum of standard now, legalizing their industry will not change their barbaric behavior.

We draw also to your attention the fact that contrary to popular belief, it is not a certain type of dog that is raised for meat but every kind of dog, including pets and those used to assist the disabled (the very kind who helped your Paralympians) that are inhumanely treated.

You will certainly be aware of the growing number of petitions urging Korea to Ban the Consumption of Dog and Cat Meat, and urging Boycotts of Major Korean Events if this practice continues. Signatures come in hourly from everywhere in the World including other Asian States. Continuing to ignore the problem will lead to further protests and in the long term affect bilateral trading relations long enjoyed.

Whilst completely respecting the Cultural Differences, studies led by Professor Stephen Hawking have proven that dogs share feelings as humans do and therefore deserve more than a minimum of welfare standard.(7 July 2012 The Cambridge Declaration of Non Human Consciousness). The Koreans claiming to be Dog Farmers/ Breeders cannot even uphold these basic standards.

Britain in particular is disappointed, that Korea, despite passing Animal Protection Laws in 2008, revised in 2011, has not sought to enforce them. This adds to the argument that legalizing the dog meat trade would not ensure correct welfare, sanitation or regulation. The WSPCA (World Society for Protection of Animals) has also confirmed that unlike other farm animals, there is no humane method for slaughtering dogs.

A British Government petition opposing these issues will shortly be launched and over 100,000 signatures have been pledged. It is likely therefore that Korea’s continued practice of animal abuse will be debated in the lower house (House of Commons) and the issue will be raised with the Foreign Office. In addition ,several major TV companies will be running documentaries on the subject over the coming months and the films will be submitted to next year's Cannes Film Festival. Other European Nations and the America’s will follow suit.

In summary, Your Excellency, we urge the opposition of the legalization of the Dog Meat Trade In Korea and ask you to enforce your welfare laws and impose sanctions and penalties on these traders without further delay. Counting on your reason and humanity.

With Respect,

Photos and Videos of Korea's Dog Meat Cruelty:

0 have signed. Let’s get to 50,000!
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