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Nearly to 20,000 Supporters!

Stop the Dog and Cat Meat Trade Worldwide

Aug 7, 2017 — Thanks to your signing, sharing and promoting this petition, it now approaches 20,000 signatures! Using the contact details we’ve gathered, I've sent a follow-up letter (see “Letter Text” below) to each of the veterinary professionals ( scheduled to present, urging them to discuss the South Korean Dog Meat Trade with the other veterinary professionals while attending the conference.

I hope the vet speakers will shine a light on the horrific Dog Meat Trade that will be operating right under their noses during the conference. With all the torture and toxicity of this cruel and sinister industry, how could veterinary professionals ignore the fact that dog meat farms are operating not far from the Congress venue itself?

Please keep sharing and promoting this petition. I'll be delivering all the signatures to the WVA once we reach 20,000 or at the end of this week... whichever comes first!

Thank you supporters,

-- Jenny

Letter Text (Note to activists and petition supporters, please feel free to reuse and re-purpose this text for your own communications as you work to help end The Dog Meat Trade, worldwide.)

Dear Mr./Ms. [Last name of vet],

I see from the WVA Congress website that you are an esteemed professional scheduled to speak at this year's Congress in Incheon, South Korea. I write to implore you to please engage in dialog and share information with the other veterinary professionals at the Congress about the cruel and toxic South Korean Dog Meat Trade. Will you please speak out during your conference presentation? Not far from the Congress venue where you’ll be meeting with other professionals, thousands of dogs are being systematically farmed, abused and tortured for their meat.

Did you know that more than 17,000 dog meat farms operate in South Korea, with an estimated 15,000 operating illegally, without license? This highly unregulated, hazardous and brutal industry is the dark secret and horrific underworld of South Korea, presenting a grave threat to public health. Veterinary professionals worldwide need to know, and I ask that you please help spread the word.

Each year, millions of dogs are brutally farmed and processed for their meat and by-products, whereby they are frequently boiled alive, burned alive, beaten for extended periods and other ways brutally tortured before slaughter. Live amputation and mutilation are not uncommon. Why torture the animals? Some Koreans believe the more the dog suffers, the tastier the meat.

Most dogs, some stolen family pets, are warehoused in tiny cages on dog meat farms and fed on human waste, with little water or shelter from the elements. Of profound urgency to the veterinary community, dog meat production and consumption threaten public health with catastrophic disaster due to:

- Widespread and excessive use of antibiotics in dogs, resulting in life-threatening effects on humans
- Infectious disease, where dogs that die of contagious diseases are routinely distributed for meat
- Breeding environments that are "shockingly filthy"
- Dogs fed on contaminated food and human waste

(Myung, 2014, see attachment)

Several dog-meat farms operate near Incheon City, not far from where you will be attending the WVA Congress. Can you imagine the cries and agony and terror from the dogs, not far from the seminars and workshops you will be attending?

Please find more information through the following links, and share with your colleagues to spread awareness about this abominable trade:

- Shocking Cruelty of South Korean Dog Meat Industry, undercover video:
- Save Korean Dogs:

May I please provide you with any further information about The Dog Meat Trade? Will you please bring up this subject during discussions at the conference, ideally during your presentation?

Thank you and Kind Regards,

Jenny Wilkins

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