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South Korea, Torturer of Dogs and Host of the 2017 World Veterinary Congress?! Speak Out!

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The World Veterinary Congress, in South Korea?

To the shock of compassionate citizens worldwide, South Korea is playing host to the 2017 World Veterinary Congress. Can this be right? Should a country that turns a blind eye to the abuse, torture and barbaric slaughter of millions of dogs each year hold and profit from a world-renown Veterinary conference?

“By signing this petition, I urge members of the World Veterinary Association (WVA), veterinary students and nurses, and veterinary professionals worldwide to boycott this year's Congress and communicate to the WVA their reasons for boycott. If veterinary professionals choose not to boycott the Congress and feel they must attend, I strongly urge them to speak out at during the conference itself and engage in serious dialog with other attendees to spread awareness of the extremely cruel and hazardous South Korean dog meat trade.”

About the Dog Meat Trade

South Korea, the world’s 14th largest economy and home to global brands, such as Samsung, Hyundai, Kia and Daewoo, is a country that slaughters and eats an estimated 2.5 million dogs and thousands of cats each year. Many consumers and trade workers claim that the more the dog suffers, the better the meat tastes or the greater the medicinal properties. To this end, slaughterhouse workers often subject dogs to terror and extreme suffering prior to killing, including boiling alive, burning alive, beating, stabbing and other forms of mutilation, sometimes through repeat torture sessions to maximize the production of adrenaline. South Korea’s notorious, widespread dog and cat meat trade has shocked and horrified the world. The dog and cat meat trade is not only prevalent in South Korea, but also North Korea, China, Vietnam, Cambodia and other countries. However, South Korea is one of the top dog-meat consuming countries. For video documentation, please WATCH THE VIDEO.

The Trade: Stark Opposition to the Conference Theme

The theme of this year's conference is “One Health, New Wave”. The event website boasts that the congress will “introduce the latest technology and trends that have not been previously seen and in addition, the focus will be on 'One Health' which will enable humans and animals to co-exist.” The vile South Korean dog meat trade stands in stark opposition to the theme of this year’s Congress. This contrast shines a dark light on South Korea as a hypocrisy and embarrassment to the country’s Veterinary discipline.

Toxic Hazards for Dogs and Humans

Specifically, dogs on dog-meat farms are pumped full of antibiotics and medicines to keep them alive and free from disease to counteract the highly unsanitary conditions in which they are raised. Experts claim that eating meat concentrated with a high level of antibiotics causes severe toxic effects in the human body, including endocrine disruption in the long term, leading to cancer and diabetes. In addition, common practice in South Korea is to dispose of food waste by feeding it to farmed dogs, a practice that is illegal in modern countries around the world.

Should South Korea Get the Benefits of Hosting the Congress?

Does it make sense that South Korea, with such hazardous and cruel food-production methods, receive the honor, prestige and inevitable economic gains of hosting the 2017 World Veterinary Congress? Sign to say “No!”.

My Sincere, Public Request to the Veterinary Community

“By signing this petition, I urge members of the World Veterinary Association (WVA), veterinary professionals and veterinary students worldwide to boycott the conference or speak out against the cruel and barbaric South Korean dog meat trade at the conference itself. For those compassionate scientific professionals boycotting the conference, I ask that they please communicate to the WVA and WVC Incheon, Korea 2017 Organizing Committee the reasons for their boycott and opposition to this toxic trade.”

Links for Sending Communications and Boycott Messages

Note: Please be polite, respectful and informative in all your communications, but don't be afraid to describe how this makes you feel and why it is wrong to hold the congress in South Korea.

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