South Korea : Stop the miserable lives & tortured death of dogs and cats

South Korea : Stop the miserable lives & tortured death of dogs and cats

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Please watch this S. Korea "Dog Meat Market Undercover Video" and share it with everyone!

There is a Chinese proverb that says “To close your eyes will not ease another’s pain."

We have chosen not to close our eyes at the horrific abuse inflicted upon innocent dogs and other animals in South Korea.

Mahatma Gandhi said. ... The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

The face of moral progress is compassion and mercy toward the animals in this world. This compassion and mercy takes the form of respect and care for those who are voiceless. South Korea has continually proven itself to be mislead about animals and the importance of companion animals in our lives. In their actions, South Korea has made itself an offense to the world. With unspeakable cruelty and disregard for the vulnerable and defenseless animals in dog farms. These trusting and loyal dogs are raised in the most vulgar and inhumane conditions. Many dogs are jammed into cages where they are unable to move at all. They arrive at these farms dehydrated and starving. These deplorable conditions leave them vulnerable to disease and the elements. The heartlessness of South Korea shows itself as a country of horrors and abuse. These dogs have been betrayed by owners and sold to the dog meat market. This betrayal continues as these same dogs, who trust people and still remain faithful are sent to a barbaric death. This must end immediately.

We as citizens of the world speak out in protest to this inhumanity in the dog meat trade. We stand together and ask South Korea to join us in the honorable task of stopping animal cruelty in the world. We offer South Korea the chance to be part of a growing initiative to stand with integrity and moral progress. Daily we grow in numbers and in force. We will overcome the brutality that has infected our world for too long. These dogs that are butchered in South Korea are those we call faithful companions and true friends. In many parts of the world beating and brutally killing animals is a crime and considered sociopathic behavior that is treated with medication. Animal abuse is also known as a great evil in our society.

You know the dog meat trade was prohibited in 1991. It is said of these dogs “Although they are raised, slaughtered, and consumed, dogs and cats are not classified as livestock animals in South Korea; they are protected under the Korea Animal Protection Law, which was revised and strengthened in 2007 (effective Jan. 1, 2008). The new law is meant to reinforce the government’s responsibility toward animal protection, provide grounds for the enforcement of the animal registration system (which helps stem the tide of companion-animal abandonment and overpopulation), and help implement existing laws against animal abuse and still it continues at the hands of criminals as the government chooses to turn its head and allow these laws to be broken". This is a crime against the very people these same officials have promised to protect.

In South Korea citizens have lost their pets to the dog meat trade. They are stolen from them and never seen again. Dogs they love and consider to be family members are snatched by ruthless and uncaring hands and South Korean authorities fail to comfort or respond to the people's cries for help. Why would these good people trust politicians and government that does not position itself as a strong and capable leader that will take care of the special needs of each person. These people need their dogs back and they grieve just as deeply as they would their human family members.

Your belief that dog meat brings virility in men is a myth that never has been nor cannot be proven because it is false. This was a made up story that deceived the people of South Korea so that dog meat consumption would be tolerated and greed would become the evil that flourished in South Korea. If it would mean the saving of animals , we would happily send you boxes of a medication that has been tested and proven to work in this manner. It is called Viagra.

You have called yourself a modern nation, but in your beliefs of dog meat actually causing virility in men and the medieval ways you murder dogs by hanging, viciously beating and boiling a dog with the idea it will tenderize the meat is cruel and abhorrent to modern civilization. You are in great error.

We, the voice for these dogs in South Korea, challenge you to acknowledge the image you have created for yourself in the world. Look and see how brutal and inhumane you appear. Is this the face South Korea seeks to present? The face of death, inhumanity and social backwardness in thought and deed. We hope not. We hope South Korea would change its face to one of moral progress and become a nation that would stand against animal cruelty with laws that protect animals and enforcing those laws with integrity. The good people of South Korea who have had their pets stolen, await your help to get their dogs back and stop the criminals from thriving. We as the citizens of the world would stand with you in your efforts to stop the mafia from forcing their corruption and evil upon the good citizens of South Korea. We would acknowledge you as a member of moral progress moving forward with success and blessing.

May we stand in unity against the evil of the dog meat trade and put an end to the stench of cruelty towards animals.

Citizen of the world
Guardian for the animals
Marni Montanez

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