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The petition to stop the brutal torture of dogs and dog meat consumption in South Korea. Over 2 million dogs are brutally killed in South Korea every year. That's over 5,000 dogs a day who get strangled, burned, electrocuted or beaten to death for their meat.

The South Korean government has accepted Animal Protection Laws which make animal torture illegal, but those laws have never been properly enforced in the country. The dog meat industry continues to thrive and the officials are reluctant and indifferent to ban it. Oh, sorry, except during the 1988 Seoul Olympics and 2002 FIFA Cup when dog meat restaurants were forced to shut down temporarily in fear of bad impressions of South Korea. Although forbidden to advertise themselves on main streets or in English, over 6,000 restaurants today serve dog meat in South Korea. And they don't get closed down. You can help us change the life of millions of dogs. International support against dog torture and dog meat consumption is the only way to put pressure on the South Korean government to protect animal rights for real and ban the dog meat industry in all forms.

Please watch this video - "Abuse during the transport of meat dogs in S. Korea".

Please watch this video - "S. Korea's Dangerous Health Food - Inconvenient Truth About Dog Meat" (Part 1 and 2)


Letter to
Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Toronto Consul General Chung, Kwang-kyun
Gyeonggi Province Governor Kim Moon-Soo 김문수 도지사
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Indonesia Ambassador Kim Young-Sun 김영선 대사
and 37 others
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Austria Ambassador CHO Hyun 조현 대사
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the United States Ambassador Choi Young-jin 최영진 대사
Seongnam City Mayor Lee Jae-Myung 이재명 시장
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Thailand Ambassador Lim Jae-Hong 임재홍 대사
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Mexico Ambassador Cho Whan-Bok 조환복 대사
Seoul Metropolitan Government Mayor Park Won Soon 박원순 시장
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Germany Ambassador Jae Shin Kim 김재신 대사
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Canada Ambassador Hee-yong Cho 조희용 대사
Ministry of Public Administration and Security Minister Jeong-Bok Yoo 행정안전부 유정복 장관 (Ministry of Public Administration and Security)
Ministry of Korea Food And Drug Safety Commissioner Seung Chung 식품의약품안전처 정승 처장
Office of the president, the Republic of Korea President Geun-Hye Park 대한민국 박근혜 대통령
Korea International Trade Association (KITA) Chairman & CEO Duck-Soo Han 한덕수 사장
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in United Kingdom Ambassador Park Suk-hwan 박석환 대사
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Spain Ambassador Dae-sung Oh 오대성 대사
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Israel Ambassador Il-Soo Kim 김일수 대사
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in France Ambassador Hye-min Lee 이혜민 대사
Busan Metropolitan City Mayor Hur Nam-Sik 허남식시장
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Japan Ambassador Shin Gack-Soo 신각수 대사
Gangwon-do Province Governor Choi Moon-Soon 최문순 도지사
Ministry for Health and Welfare Minister Young Jin 보건 복지부 진 영 장관
Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office Prosecutor General Han Sang-Dae 검찰총장 한상대
Ministry of Environment Minister Seong-Kyu Yun 환경부 윤성규 장관
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister Byung-Se Yun 외교통상부 윤병세 장관
Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Foresstry and Fisheries Minister Dong-Phil Lee 농림수산식품부 이동필 장관
Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) President Young-Ho Oh 대한무역투자진흥공사 오영호 사장
Ministry of Justice Minister Kwon Jae-Jin 법무부 권재진 장관
Gyeongsangnam-do Province Governor Kim Du Kwan 김두관 도지사
Gyeongsangbuk-do Province Governor Kim Kwan Yong 김관용 도지사
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Switzerland Ambassador Kim Jong-Il 김종일 대사
Ministry of Employment and Labor Minister Ha-Nam Phang 고용노동부 방하남 장관
Ministry of Unification Minister Kihl-Jae Ryoo 일부 류길재 장관
Prime Minister's Office Prime Minister Hong-Won Chung 정홍원 국무총리
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Strategy and Finance Deputy Prime Minister Oh-Seok Hyun 현오석 국무총리겸 기획재정부 장관
Ministry of National Defense Minister Kwan-Jin Kim 국방부 김관진 장관
Ministry of Gender Equality and Family Minister Yoon-Sun Cho 여성가족부 조윤선 장관
Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy Minister Sang-Jick Yoon 산업통상자원부 윤상직 장관
Ambassador of Republic of Korea to the United Nations Ambassador Kim Sook 김숙 대사 (Ambassador of Republic of Korea to the United Nations)
I just signed the following petition addressed to: South Korean Government.

By signing this petition I support the following:

* Animal torture should remain illegal in all forms and in all countries.

* The government of South Korea has to ensure that Animal Protection Laws are followed in their country.

* Dogs are people's companions and helpers, not livestock for meat.

* Dog farms, raising dogs for food and killing them for meat should be made illegal.

* Selling dog meat in restaurants has to be banned.