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Petitioning South Korea Ministry of Justice General Prosecutor Joon Gyu Kim

Help stop Saesang criminal acts by punishing them for their crimes

Saesang fans (Or obsessed fans who stalk every moment of a celebrity's life) are the bane of most celebrities residing in South Korea and have caused much physical and emotional distress. Not only are these "fans" committing criminal acts on a daily basis, but they appear to be getting away with them, as well.

JYJ, a popular K-pop group in South Korea, are victims of Saesang fans and have been for over nine years. These determined saesangs have committed very criminal acts against these men, including obtaining, selling and using their social security; breaking and entering into their homes to take pictures, steal personal belongings, and have even attempted sexual acts while they slept; obtained their cellphone records; assaulted them for no reason other than "to be remembered"; and has even gone so far as to hire taxi drivers to stalk them for an entire day.

JYJ has gone through this torment for over nine years. My question is: Are these not offenses punishable by law? These Saesangs are proud of the torment they cause celebrities. They do not hide who and what they are and proudly post pictures on their blogs. They have gotten away with their crimes while JYJ has suffered a blow to their image for lashing out in anger at saesangs.

Where is the justice? Please help sign my petition to urge the SPO to publicly announce that they will not tolerate the criminal acts of saesangs and that they will be punished rightfully by law.

P.S. Read more about saesangs and their actions against other celebrities here:

Letter to
South Korea Ministry of Justice General Prosecutor Joon Gyu Kim
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office: Prosecutor General Joon Gyu Kim.

Dear Proscutor General Joon Gyu Kim:

I am writing this letter in the hopes that you will hear me and many others, and heed my request. I ask that you will help stop the criminal actions of saesangs by publicly announcing that they will be punished for their crimes.

Saesangs have become an epidemic in South Korea, causing distress to many celebrities and fans alike. I am also an international fan of JYJ's and upon learning of the turmoils they've admitted going through because of saesangs, I was sickened. I was sickened at the fact that these "fans" could commit these criminal acts, invade their privacy, mock their human rights and most importantly, do it all over again everyday for over nine years. I wanted justice. As an organization who's very motto is: "Prosecution service with justice and love for citizens.", surely you can understand where I'm coming from and why.

Some of the heinous acts committed against JYJ are Trespassing, Assault, Sexual offenses, Breaking and Entering, Theft, Stalking and Harassment, Vandalizing, Identity Fraud, and many others. These are serious offenses that, here, are punishable from 90 days to 15 years of prison time.

I believe in the Justice System, no matter who and where you are. I believe that people like JYJ should not have to suffer this torment another day longer just because they are celebrities. That is why I ask that you please help to stop these saesangs by publicly announcing that their crimes will no longer be tolerated. Mr. Joon Gyu Kim, please help to ensure some peace for South Korean celebrities and the actual fans who love them.


Jasmine Ray

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