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Stop the Bullying!

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The South Kingstown School Committee recently terminated three teachers for no reason. On the advice of their counsel, they called a Sunday meeting with little advance notice, informed the teachers in question they were going to be terminated unless they resigned and gave them five whole minutes to take the offer or face the tarnish of forever having the stain of being "terminated" from a teaching position on their work history.
Is this the kind of lesson we want to teach the kids in the school system? We've enacted a "zero tolerance" policy for weapons in the school and for bullying. Yet how is what the school committee did to these teachers not bullying?
All three teachers had sterling reputations among their peers, administrators (they were offered glowing recommendations if they resigned on the spot), and parents and none had so much as a warning in any personnel folder. In fact, two of the teachers had never been evaluated at all.
Again, we ask, is this the kind of example we want to teach our kids? We teach our kids to take responsibility for their actions, admit their mistakes and to make amends when they have done something wrong.
That's what we're now asking of the school committee. Take responsibility, admit you were given bad advice by counsel, and make amends to the teachers whose lives you've so negatively impacted!

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