South Huron Residents Deserve Recreation and Programmed Services!

South Huron Residents Deserve Recreation and Programmed Services!

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We the undersigned hereby affirm our need for a NEW Recreational Hub Facility in the municipality of South Huron that improves access to and quality of community recreational sports, and Community Service Groups; that offer diverse programs supporting all demographics & abilities of our residences within our community. We understand that the current facilities within the South Huron community have matured to the point of replacement, including the arenas currently located in Exeter and Stephen Township.

As proposed by the Federal and Provincial Governments, a grant of up to 73% of the capital build cost has become available for rural community infrastructure projects. Community infrastructure is defined as publicly accessible, multi-purpose spaces that bring together a variety of different services, programs and/or social and cultural activities to reflect local community needs. Most importantly, these grants are intended to assist communities in building something that will improve the community, such that the community could not afford to build on its own.

We the undersigned support our community through the financial support of the Federal and Provincial Governments; to build a NEW Recreational Hub Facility at the current South Huron Recreational Community Park to support our current programming of our community service groups and enhancing programs currently not offered through the YMCA on a membership bases to include;

1. 2 Ice Rinks, Double Pad (replace Exeter and Stephen Twp.)
2. Walking Track
3. Fitness Centre
4. Multi-use Gymnasium
5. Aquatic Centre
6. Meeting/special activity room(s)

1,496 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!