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South Hadley School: stop bullying our kids at lunch


My 16 yr old daughter, Payton Spinney, attended South Hadley High School and was subjected to repeated bullying and harassment that the school administration did nothing to stop. Payton, who also has a form of autism, would be bullied in the lunch room for having a bright orange pass that means she gets free or reduced school lunch.

In our local community and school district many families use the free and reduced school lunch program as the economy has increasingly worsened. The school has not addressed my concerns about bullying and harassment of those kids that use the lunch passes. Kids are being made to feel less of who they are just because they get a free or reduced school lunch and that is not okay for any family.

No family or student at South Hadley High School or anywhere in the district should have to experience bullying and harassment becuse of food insecurity 17 million go hungry every day in America and no one should be bullied at school because of hunger. That is why I am asking South Hadley High School to stop bullying by using the color coded passes for the school food program and move towards a system that is confidential and values all students.

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  • superintendent of south Hadley schools
    gus sayer
  • high school principal
    sean mcniff
  • school commitee member
    kevin mccallister

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