Free Spay & Neuter clinics for Cats & Dogs for the residents of South Gate

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The city of South Gate has a large population of Cats & Dogs entering SEAACA (Southeast Area Animal Control Authority) with the majority being unaltered pets. Residence cannot afford to fix the animals resulting in unwanted litters. Also they are unable to afford the dog licensing.  Helping the residents with free clinic for their pets will help reduce the high kill shelter population going in to SEAACA and also allowing they more affordable licensing fees. This organization holds responsibility for forteen cities including South Gate, the animals only have a few days to live as a result of the over population in their small facility. If the city Council will help residents and reach out to organizations like the ASPCA or Spay4LA to have clinics specifically for the residents it will help save thousands of dogs & cats lives. We have reached out to Spay4LA and they are more than willing to help with organizing events for our residents but we need our city Council to approve funding for such a great cause.